Organic Vs. Regular Lip Balm

The soothing healing and protective benefits of lip balm are pretty apparent even
when one experiences a high body temperature and dehydration, it reflects on
the lips first. But the traditional lip balms are heavily laden with everything
synthetic and chemical that it can be quite off-putting even to smear them on
your lips. Because the ingredients are all artificial and loaded with chemicals, they
also take their toll on the environment. The primary ingredient in a lip balm is a
byproduct of the petrochemical industry, added to it are manufactured chemicals
for fragrance and color, which make it anything but a balm but a stick of
chemicals. They are an environmental hazard not just because of their contents,
but also because of the manufacturing, formulating process.

The skin on one’s lips is a highly sensitive area of the anatomy with loads of nerve
endings and a really thin epidermis (outer layer of skin). It is incapable of
producing melanin, and that explains the different colors of lips. And with almost
no oil glands on the lips, no moisture is secreted from within and so quickly loses
moisture when not properly hydrated. Lack of appropriate hydration lips quickly
becomes chapped and painful, and an organic lip balm soothes the area without
the ill effects of a regular traditional lip balm, which can even be toxic with
ingredients like petroleum and alcohol, which actually dry the lips.

Organic lip balm is one that contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, is a
possible short answer to that question, but has a much longer explanation of
what really goes into qualifying anything as organic. Any health care product that
the food and drug administration (FDA) categorizes as organic will have to have its
source of raw material from organic farming. This means that the farmed produce
cannot be the result of any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) just the same
as organic food options. GMOs are the result of gene splicing and germinating in a
laboratory, and after taking root is cultivated with an abundant supply of chemical
fertilizers and treated lavishly with pesticides and insecticide. The resulting crop
or products from this cultivation, whether it’s the flowers, seeds, fruit, or bark,
are laden with chemicals and genetically modified nutrients. So the ingredients to
even formulate lip balm will need to be the result of organic farming, for even the pleasant fragrance. Definitely not from petroleum-based gel with a synthetic or
alcohol-based perfume. The primary synthetic ingredient in traditional lip balms
are byproducts of petrochemicals, and the secondary elements such as color
fragrance and therapeutic nutrients are all synthetic.

As for the organic lip balm, the primary ingredient is beeswax or cocoa butter, the
secondary ingredients for fragrance and flavor are drawn from the purest organic
sources, and the third is the added vitamin E (good for skin) and SPF 8 sunscreen.
Furthermore, since all of the ingredients are one hundred percent organic, it’s
even not harmful when swallowed.

We have a comprehensive list of organic lip balms that you can check out.

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