Best Organic Oils for Face

A typical skincare routine does not entail using facial oils, lest you encounter breakouts. It’s
about time that we burst the myth around facial oils and come to terms with their myriad
astounding benefits.

Facial oils are a panacea for numerous skin problems. They are the ultimate remedy for dry skin. Not only do facial oils not break you out, but they also come with therapeutic properties. These properties contribute to reduced wrinkles and enlarged pores and provide better protection against toxins and pollutants. Facial oils work wonders for dry and flaky skin and are also recommended by the dermatologist over any random drugstore product for individuals with skin- sensitivity issues.

But before we include this revolutionary product into our skincare regime, we must learn about the right way to introduce our skin to organic oils. For instance, oils used for skincare must be organic and unrefined and therefore, the use of oils in your kitchen counter is a clear no-no. Also, essential oils must always be used diluted. Applying essential oils directly to the skin can trigger allergies and damage the skin. Consulting your dermatologist before using essential oils is imperative. For the best results, you must also take note of the instructions from your skincare expert before using organic facial oils.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular varieties of facial oils to help you find your pick:

Olive Oil
The potential benefits of olive oil for the skin and hair come in abundance. The oil is not only a staple in the Mediterranean diet; it comes with proven benefits for the skin when applied
regularly. The oil acts as antioxidants that slow the signs of aging and also act as a protective layer against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Rich in fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, K and E, the oil is known to ease chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Besides the aforementioned properties, olive oil has anti-bacterial properties which make it an ideal choice for people with bacterial infections on the skin.

There are a plethora of ways to apply olive oil to the skin. You can use olive oil with a few
pinches of salt as an exfoliator or you can apply olive oil to damp skin for a moisturizing effect. Alternatively, you can use it as an after-sun treatment.

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Almond Oil
Almond oil has been in use for skincare benefits for ancient civilization for centuries. Essential oils made out of almonds are known for their anti-inflammatory properties which helps skin recover from swelling and inflammation. The oil of almond works wonders for people with dark and puffy under-eyes. The oil is useful for cleansing purposes for those with excessively oily skin. The fatty acid content in the oil is known to dissolve oil and dirt on the face. Vitamin E in almond oil also helps in reducing sun damage and reducing the appearance of scars.

However, almond oil can trigger reactions on the skin in case you are allergic to nuts. To be on the safer side, you may take a patch test before applying the oil directly to the face. Additionally, you can use the oil as make up remover, as a cleanser or moisturizer.

Product: You can try the Molivera Organics Sweet Almond Oil for hair and skin. It is available
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Coconut Oil
The tropical fruit is the key to well moisturized, dewy skin too! Coconut oil is proven by
nutritionists to be the fountainhead of protein. Beauty benefits of coconut oil are best availed
using virgin coconut oil. Natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties in coconut oil make it
suitable for those with dry and acne-prone skin. Also, the medium-chain fatty acids help to keep microorganisms harmful for the skin at bay. When applied to the skin, coconut oil helps soothing inflammation. The essential oil has been proven to ease skin conditions like eczema and enhance the healing of scars.

However, people with oily and acne-prone skin may refrain from using coconut oil on the face.
You can use coconut oil directly on the face or apply it as a make-up remover. Put a few drops of coconut oil on your palms and start massaging it into your face. Rinse it with warm water and dry it off with a clean towel.

Product: You can buy the Nutriva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for $15 for 15 Fl Oz or any other coconut oil of your choice.

Sunflower Seed Oil
Extracted from the seeds of sunflower, the sunflower seed oil is known to rejuvenate and
regeneration of skin cells. The seed oil is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft, supple and moisturized. On application, the oil leaves a protective emollient layer on the skin which retains the moisture and prevents skin from drying. The oil also exhibits Vitamin E properties which smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Reduction of acne due to bacteria,
hyperpigmentation, sun damage, redness and itchiness of the skin are some other notable
properties of sunflower seed oil.

Sunflower oil is typically non-greasy and gentle on the skin and therefore, it may be applied
directly on the skin. You can also use it to replace your toner or your eye cream. You may also use sunflower seed oil to DIY your anti-aging mask by mixing the organic oil with lemon juice, and Greek yogurt.

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Grapeseed Oil
Grapeseed oil is a by-product of wine which is stacked with anti-inflammatory and anti-
microbial property. Grapeseed oil is popular as a skin treatment in the tropics and skincare
enthusiasts and experts in other parts of the world are also exploring its usage and skincare.
Grapeseed oil is often regarded as the elixir for clear, acne-free skin. The oil also helps your skin absorb vitamin C and E better, making your skin look youthful, soft and enhancing the elasticity of the skin. The oil also acts as a sunscreen, protecting your skin from sun damage.

Grapeseed oil is best used as a serum in the face as a nighttime skincare routine. Try mixing
grapeseed oil with your regular moisturizer or body lotion. You can also treat your skin with a
few drops of lavender oil, juniper, and grapeseed oil together for a spa-like glow.

Product: Grapeseed oil skin cares by NOW Solutions is suitable for all skin types. The product is available on Amazon for $7.08 for a 16-ounce bottle.

Jojoba Oil
The significance of jojoba oil in skincare has been discovered long back by the Native
Americans. Oil of jojoba is one of the most treasured ingredients in skincare using which you
can effectively rule out myriad skin problems like dry and flaky skin, irritation and inflammation of the skin. Unlike some oils in the list, jojoba oil is light and non-greasy which makes it ideal for regular use. Jojoba oil is a multipurpose ingredient that may be used as a make-up primer, moisturizer or after-sun cream. It also terminates the impact of damage due to the harmful damage of the sun, reducing flare-ups.

Since the oil is light and non-sticky, you can use the oil on the face without diluting it.
Alternatively, you can make your DIY face mask with jojoba oil, and aloe vera gel for clear,
glowing skin.

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Shea Butter
Shea butter is an ideal skin-softening ingredient that is extracted from shea trees. Shea butter is used as an active ingredient in various face and body creams. However, you can also use shea butter as a remedy for various skin problems like redness and inflammation. Shea butter also helps your skin to retain its moisture for a longer duration, leaving it hydrated for several hours a day. It is also linked to collagen formation, thus keeping the skin youthful and elastic.

You can make a face mask using shea butter and a few handy ingredients. All you have to do is take a tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of pure shea butter and mix it with a few drops of grapeseed oil. Wash your face using a gentle face wash and dry it using a clean towel before applying the face mask. Leave the mask for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Product: Shea butter by Sky Organics Ivory is a great product for glowing, youthful skin. The
product is also decently priced. You can get 16 Oz of the product for $15.

Argan Oil
Argan oil is sourced from Moroccan argan trees. The oil is cold-pressed to retain all its aesthetic properties. Being the source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E, argan oil packs a punch when it comes to skincare. This essential oil is suitable for all skin types. Ones with dry skin can use it as a moisturizer and even as a primer for the face and lips. Oil cleansing using argan oil is recommended for those who have oily skin, prone to acne. The oil is also proven to enhance skin healing.

You can get a good deal on argan oil in stores online. Since the oil is not as concentrated as some other essential oils, it can be used on the skin directly. You can use it as a make-up remover or just apply a few drops directly on the face and massage into the skin gently. Rinse off with water.

Product: Argan oil, unrefined and cold-pressed; by Foxbrim is one of the top picks. The product is priced at $14.95.

Tea Tree Oil
Packed with healing and anti-bacterial properties, tea tree oil is widely used in skincare. The oil is widely used for combating acne and dry skin. Various other serious skin conditions like
eczema, psoriasis and bacterial and fungal infections on the skin can be treated using tea tree oil. However, applying tea tree oil directly on the face can trigger allergic reactions and therefore, it must always be used with carrier oils. Before using tea tree oil, a patch test is highly recommended. You can also try mixing a few drops of tea tree essential oil in your moisturizer. Or you can directly apply the oil in dots on active acne and leave it for the night for the oil to take effect.

For best results, follow the 3-step skincare routine and include tea tree oil in each step i.e. while cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

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Rosehip Seed Oil
Rosehip seed oil is typically used as a treatment for oxidative stress. Besides having moisturizing benefits, the oil of rosehip makes a great anti-aging ingredient. The oil is a source of vitamin Cwhich aids in the repair and nourishment of skin by reducing dark spots, retracting sun damage and slowing the signs of aging. It is also known to reduce hyper-pigmentation and promote the healing of scars. The oil is also infused with vitamins A and E which supports the skin’s immune system and prevents breakouts. It also enhances the natural moisturizing of the skin while maintaining a soft glow on the face.

Rosehip oil can be applied directly to the skin for added moisture. You can also mix the oil with your foundation as a primer. Alternatively, you can use the oil to smooth out chapped lips.

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