How To Use Organic Oils For Your Face?

The first step would be a consultation with your healthcare provider, who will
assess if you can indeed use organic oil or not. This is because there are stages,
situations, and conditions in which one may be advised against the use of an
organic oil. For instance, if pregnant, one may be urged against the use of organic
oil, because the oil can harm the fetus. Anyone with respiratory disorders, heart
disorders, kidney disorders, and autoimmune conditions will be advised against
the use of organic oils. Also, children under the age of ten may not indulge.
Essential oils contain a high potency of its primary ingredients, up to ninety-five
percent. The critical element is the specific ingredient that targets the problem
one wants to address. This can cause multiple complications like skin eruptions, a
narrowing of the windpipe, and even a full-scale anaphylactic attack. So be
warned you cannot apply the oil directly to the skin. What you need is a carrier
oil. What is a carrier oil? This could be any vegetable oil that pleases you like
avocado oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil, whatever works for one’s senses.
Alternatively, one may also use a simple moisturizing cold cream. The instructions
will generally be a two percent dilution, which means twelve drops of the
essential oil diluted in thirty milliliters of the carrier oil. Following dilution of the
oil, do a patch test on the inside of the wrist and wait for a full two hours. If you
experience any itching, or pain wipe the area off clean with some carrier oil or
butter, not water. If you experience changes in heart rate or breathing, get
medical help immediately. A few of the citrus essential oils can make your skin
oversensitive to the sun, so avoid exposure to the sun and tanning beds, both can
set off a painful eruption of rash. Now, if a full twenty-four hours have resulted in
no adverse reactions, you can go ahead and use the blend. If, for some reason,
you stop using the oil for a spell, then a new patch test is advised, before regular
use again. 
Now for the actual application of the oil. Wash skin thoroughly, and while pores
are still open, apply the oil sparingly over the target area, keeping clear away from
the nasal ala mouth and eyes. You do not need a moisturizer while using the oil,
but if the necessity arises, feel free to indulge. Further, it is a good practice to use
these oils on an “as needed” basis, overuse of it can lead to skin irritations and
rashes. An alternate day schedule, or thrice a week application is good. If you use
this persistently, then you will definitely appreciate and feel a better, new and

improved skin. That achieved, you can suspend treatment till you feel and see the
same earlier signs that require treatment.

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