Introduction to Organic Cleansing Balms

What comes into our minds when we think of cleansing balms! We may think of
some cream or gel. But can you believe how effective this balm can be? How it
makes an excellent facial cleanser? These organic balms help to remove both dirt
and grind so effectively that you may never want to replace them with something
else. They become a perfect all in one skincare potion of people who are always
on the clock and want to simplify their skincare routine.

What is an organic cleansing balm?
Organic cleansing balms are creamy, luxurious cleansers that do double duty by
removing dirt and impurities from the skin and also protecting the skin’s moisture
balance. If your skin feels typically dry after washing, a cleansing balm may help
you a lot. It’ll restore moisture, give you hydration, and make your skin smooth
and glowy.

Why do you need an organic cleansing balm?
These beauty products remove dirt, makeup, and oil, moisturize dry patches, and
are always gentle on sensitive and acne-prone skin. So if you need your skin to
look super soft and glowy, then what are you waiting for! And on top of it, a
cleansing balm which is organic? There should be no more questions in your

How to use this organic balm?
Using an organic cleansing balm is as easy as applying your daily moisturizer. Just
scoop out a small amount of product on your palm. Then rub your fingers to make
it warm and melt it. Now start messaging on your skin. Massage it onto your
entire face, and if you’re wearing makeup, then you’ll see it coming off. Now take
a dampened cloth and remove the balm, and you’ll see that your skin is left
feeling super clean and soft.

Skincare benefits of organic cleansing balm
Organic cleansing balms contain the following-

  1. Organic apricot oil- Softens and strengthens the skin.
  2. Virgin coconut oil- Removes all traces of makeup and protects the skin due to
    its antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant benefits.
  3. Natural beeswax– Rich in vitamin A and anti-inflammatory properties and
    protect the skin from everyday dirt and pollution.

Ingredients to avoid at all costs when purchasing a cleansing balm-
With overwhelming options available in the market for cleansing balms, you must
know what to put on your skin and what not to.
Here’s what you want to avoid in your cleansing balms

  1. Anything containing Paraben- They disrupt hormones leading to infertility and
    issues in reproduction. They’re also known to cause breast cancer. So opt for
    paraben-free products.
  2. Fragrance. Yes, they can be delightful sometimes, but anything synthetic or too
    strong has the potential to disrupt hormones, cause reproductive issues, and
    eventually lead to allergic reactions.
  3. Synthetic Colours. Stir clear of products that contain colors as they are known
    to have carcinogenic agents, i,e. Cancer-causing elements.

Do you need to wash your face after using an organic cleansing balm?
These balms remove all makeup and dirt particles present on your skin. There is
no need to wash your face after applying a cleansing balm. The oils in the lotions
need to interact with the pore of your skin, so it is advised that you avoid water.
However, if it feels sticky, you can wipe your face with baby wipes as they are
gentle on your skin.

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