Organic Oils and Acne

The acne one experiences can have any number of causes like dietary,
adolescence, hormonal imbalances, environmental and many more, possibly even
your current skincare regimen or maybe a lack of it. Given the numerous causes,
no one cure addresses all of the reasons, not even close. As a matter of fact, it
may not be that easy to narrow in on the cause of acne, and yet some skincare
treatment might be the miracle cure for it. So let’s take a rational look at what
organic oils do with acne.  

As a preventive measure, organic oils can have some benefit, because most of
these oils are non-comedogenic (a clog in a pore is a comedone). This means they
do not block skin pores; they leave skin pores open, thereby allowing them to
breathe. As a curative measure, because they help open pores and keep them
open, the skin breathes and therefore rids itself of acne. Where does that leave
one with a severe case of acne? Well, obviously, with the guidance of a healthcare
professional, you would get an organic oil recommended for your specific
condition. Comedones (clogged pores) are what flares up into a case of acne, and
one might conclude, the use of a non-comedone rich organic oil (preventing
blocked pores) is the answer to your prayers. Most certainly not, as it isn’t as
simple as that. If it were, acne could have been banished from the planet a
thousand years ago. As mentioned earlier, the causes of acne breakouts are
numerous. Some organic oils contain potent antibacterial properties and
therefore help the acne to dry up and wither away. A third organic oil alternative
might be to use an organic oil rich in peppermint. Peppermint rich in menthol
helps in decongesting skin pores and allowing it to breathe again. Fourth is an
organic oil that might control the sebum (fat) secretion and thus prevent sebum
blocked pores. This also results in a markedly less oily skin and thus aids in
preventing acne breakouts. And then there is the dry skin type which is also
sensitive from being dry, which needs an organic treatment that aids first in
hydrating the skin and then preventing the pores from getting clogged with
comedones. An organic oil rich in antimicrobials may prevent infectious pustules
from causing further infections and exacerbating the acne.  

The guiding rule here is to seek medical advice before resorting to any friendly
suggestions, because many people can have allergic reactions to any organic oil.
If, for instance, one begins sneezing (typical adverse response to pollen) or an irritation of the area one applied the oil to, then this oil is something one is
allergic to and should not use it. As a matter of fact, you might be aware of things
you are allergic to, so a guideline will be to read labels on packages and ensure
none of those (allergic) elements are contained in the oil you buy.

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