Why Go For Organic Skincare?

The adverse effects of non-organic chemical skincare are alarming, and some of
these adverse effects are irreversible. Consider, for instance, the irreparable
damage to planet earth by making several extinct species of birds, bees,
butterflies, and other crawling insects that feed on these flowers and plants that
are genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Ware the consequences of GMOs? 

Well, dire. First and most of all, these crops of GMOs are germinated in a
laboratory. When in open cultivation are food to millions of birds, bees,
butterflies, and crawling insects, unfortunately, the GMOs are not these
creatures’ natural food, and therefore they just perish. These pollinators (birds,
bees, etc.) serve a critical function in the cultivation of crops for us. So their
extinction will hit our food supply badly very badly because approximately
seventy-five percent of the planet’s food supply depends on the pollinators.
Furthermore, all produce from such cultivation results in non-organic produce,
which, when used as extracts for skin care formulae are not organic skin
treatments but heavily chemical-based skin care treatments. Therefore a skincare
product with olive or neem extracts in it isn’t necessarily an organic skincare
treatment because even the excerpts from the GMO neem or olive are GMO
extracts and not pure natural organic extracts, which can come from only from
completely organically farmed neem or olive.

Second, modern cosmetics, treatments, and chemical formulas have been
flooding markets and have been the most easily accessible kind of skincare
available for everyone, in today’s retail economy. And that is part of the question
about the efficacy of organic skincare. Organic skincare has always existed in one
form or another, and development of the purest organic skin treatments,
demonstrating some shocking results, far superior to the chemical alternative.
However, they have not been promoted as much as the synthetic alternative.
Plant extracts and ingredients from even the food we consume are some of the
ingredients that go into any organic skin care product, so logically, the things that
are good to eat are also good for the skin. Furthermore, all the extracts and
ingredients that go into a pure organic product come from plants and trees that
are cultivated naturally without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 

Third is about value for the money one spends. Everyone that spends money on
skincare expects good results; in this age of instant karma, there is a heightened
demand for excellent results in the shortest possible time. Now, this is a factor
(involving time) where the chemical alternative is the victor, albeit with serious
adverse consequences as outlined earlier. A second factor to consider when
thinking about value for money is the fact that all non-organic skincare treatment
contains only five percent “active ingredient,” and ninety-five percent rubbish. In
contrast, the organic version for any skincare treatment contains ninety-five
“percent active ingredient,” which means the organic skincare product with no
adverse effects, has a much higher efficacy than any chemical skincare product.

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