Organic Tampons Environmental Benefits

There is a lot of debate on the health benefits of 100% organic cotton products the environmental benefits are apparent. Because cotton is a natural fiber that makes it healthy and safe to use for skin contact but also compostable unlike the tampons made with synthetic fibers and materials. With it being compostable, which means that it can biodegrade into the soil and break down back into the environment. Whereas the synthetic made tampons can not break down into the soil and add to the build up of plastics on land and in the oceans and fewer clogging. That means that you can actually compost your 100% organic cotton tampons into your compost bin with the rest of any household waste. Tampons can not be recycled for sanitation reasons but it is safe to add all cotton tampons to your compost pile at home and it is not considered an unsanitary or a bio-hazard because menstrual blood from the uterine lining does not carry any pathogens in the way the normal blood stream that runs through your veins might. If you want to reduce your environmental imprint or impact even further you can also use non-applicator organic cotton tampons since most applicators are not biodegradable and even the cardboard ones can not be composted. When organic cotton is being grown farmers do not use pesticides on the cotton plants so the growing of organic cotton is healthier for the farmers, plants and the environment.

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