Reasons for Using Organic Tampons

The argument of using organic tampons is a largely debated topic, even though the modern regular tampons are a lot safer than the tampons that were available in your grandmother’s time because of the regulations and developments that have been required since that time, they are still made from a combination of super absorbent rayon and cotton that is bleached. Yes it is bleached in a much safer way that is chlorine free, which is an improvement from the past but it still contains the chemicals from being bleached, so it is not entirely free from ingredients that could potentially be bad for you. A regular tampon can contain an array of toxicants because herbicide can be used on non-organic cotton plants, add that to whatever bleaches are used and any other manufactured materials it can result in a multitude of chemicals in a tampon that disperse through the body with the potential to cause harm. Especially because the vagina is one of the most delicate organs of the body with its specific ability to be highly absorbent. That is why it is suggested to be aware of the products you use to avoid putting toxins in your body that could penetrate into your bloodstream. That is why it is recommended to select menstrual products that are only one ingredient, for example 100% organic cotton, that way there is no doubt about what chemicals you are allowing to circulate through your body. 

Besides knowing that organic cotton tampons are only one ingredient, there are other potential health benefits for organic tampons such as special cases for people with endometriosis using organic tampons causes fewer symptoms of inflammation. And because organic tampons don’t use any fragrance it will not cause irritations. In regular tampons the host of unlabeled chemicals can be inflammatory to women with endometriosis but also can disrupt the pH balance in the vagina for all women. Currently there isn’t any scientific evidence that using organic products can help with cramps, there is circumstantial evidence, some customers have reported that using organic products after a while it has reduced their cramps and irritations.

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