The Tampon Debate

The tampon and medical community is split over the topic of organic tampons vs regular tampons. One side believes that even though there are so many unnatural ingredients in tampons and other menstrual products science can’t actually link or prove any serious health conditions with the ingredients in the products. The argument is that it is the FDA’s job is to make sure that anything that is used by the public has enough evidence to prove that it is a safe product and that the FDA would not give it’s approval on any thing if it is bad or dangerous for the general public to be using. Tampons are known as Class II medical devices which means that they have to undergo and pass strict testing which includes a test for harmful bacteria growth, before they are allowed to be sold and distributed anywhere in the US.

Last year research was published that non organic tampons contain amounts of pesticides in them, however it has not been proven that using those types of tampons can have negative health effects on the body, and it is argued that there are more harmful things in our drinking water then there are in menstrual products. The manufacturers of organic tampons say that the ingredients in regular tampons can increase the risk of or cause health problems such as hormone disruption, period cramps or even birth infertility, birth defects or cancer. Doctors on the side of regular tampons say that there is not enough evidence to prove that those health problems are caused by any one ingredient in non organic tampons.

 What it comes down to is a personal preference and your own opinion on your comfort or health or even environmental reasons. It is important to know what is going into any menstrual product you are using and be aware of what you prefer so you can choose what is right for your own body.

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