Ingredients Of An Organic Lip Balm

The ingredients of an organic balm are so simple and richly rewarding with the
natural elements of nature that one could formulate the perfect homemade lip
balm; although an exception, that’s for the adventurous “do it yourself” diehards. 

The utterly organic lip balm made out of beeswax, as the primary ingredient, and
cocoa butter, is enriched with vitamin E, natural fragrances, and delectable
natural flavors. The lips are void of sweat glands and sebaceous (oil-producing)
glands, and when exposed to the elements and under-hydrated, the lips quickly
go dry and begin forming chaps. The lips do not produce melanin, and that
explains the different color of lips partly, the other reason being the presence of a
high concentration of blood capillaries in the lips; that’s why the “rosy lips.” If that
is not the reason for you to pamper your lips to retain those “rosy lips” and make
them softer and plumper, with a healthy full look, let’s look at more of the
reasons how an organic lip balm will enhance those “rosy lips” and make them
softer, and plumper, with a healthy appealing “look” of fullness. Furthermore, no
aspect of the lip balm manufacturing process permits any testing on animals. So
there are no animals tortured. 

So what are the ingredients? Well, just four elements really, here they are: 
· Wax, beeswax, candelilla wax, or soy wax
· Room temperature solid oils like coconut, avocado, shea butter or mango butter
· Room temperature liquid oils like olive, jojoba, castor, sunflower or safflower
Flavors and scents: Essential oils, vitamin E, and green tea. 

So here we are, a fantastic all organic lip balm formulation that one can try even
in one’s kitchen. The flavors, scents and extras: Essential oils, vitamin E and green
tea, are optional and can be a part of all three formulations.
Let’s look at the benefits of the four ingredients and begin reaping the benefits.
Beeswax is rich in anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, that
help heal and or prevent dry, chapped lips and ward off bacterial infections. It
also acts as a shield from the elements by sealing in moisture, preventing drying
out. Room temperature solid oils like coconut oils are solid at room temperature.
They are naturally moisturizing, antibacterial, and antifungal, rich in vitamin E, all
of which help soothe, smooth out and soften the skin. Room temperature liquid
oils like olive oil are rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K; rich also in antibacterial properties and the rich antioxidant virtue of olive oil slows down the
aging process of the skin. And the final ingredient is adding flavor and fragrance
(optional) that suit one’s senses, and there are a variety of flavors and aromas
that one can choose from, all of them naturally organic. With the array of benefits
like healthy, plumpy, soft, and rosy lips, the antibacterial, and antioxidant
properties that protect one’s lips, and the element of longevity in the beauty of
one’s lips, all from one organic lip balm, makes it indispensable.

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